Some answers to the most common questions

1. What are the majority of students working towards?

Majority are Private, currently one going all the way and working on Commercial

2. How many other instructors do you have? How many new hires are you looking for?

We have a couple of ‘occasional’ instructors who can help with stage checks and such. Otherwise, it’s your show.

3. Would I be eligible to do any flying other than CFI in addition? Pipeline, photos, etc?

Yes. All Part 91 Company flights are yours. We do survey work, personnel relocation etc. There is a 91.147 LOA in place for tours that is yours to build as you see fit.

4. Is all instruction in Elko, or could it be in multiple locations?

Can be in varied locations as long as the plane is being paid for.

5. What is the pay?

All flight is paid according to the HOBBS meter. Flight Instruction pays $30-35/HR. ANY other commercial flying pays $50/HR. Any misc admin work pays $15/HR.

6. What are considered billable hours?

“Billing Hobbs” and “Billable ground instruction”.

7. Can I fly for someone else or teach in other people aircraft?

We do not restrict you from moonlighting. You are welcome and encouraged to do so. There are opportunities for the right person.

8. Can I ‘time build’ or rent company aircraft for personal use?

Yes. Company aircraft are available to you at 40% off the listed wet rate for personal use.

9. Is this a full time job?

No. We would consider it to be part time. Currently our CFI gets about 40-50 hours a month as an instructor, plus time doing other jobs flying in the area. He added nearly 1000 hours in the last 13 months with all combined flying. If you need to supplement your income there are many opportunities here!